"Whether we are creating a communications platform to build corporate reputation and trust, developing content tailored to relevant stakeholders or organising an event to showcase a product or communicate an initiative, our ambition remains the same: to provide well-informed, evidence-based guidance and deliver outstanding quality work."

What we do

We provide smart, creative communications counsel, combining creativity with data-driven insights to build communications strategies, content and campaigns that deliver real, measurable outcomes.

We are well versed in developing initiatives that are relevant across multiple geographies and resonate with various audiences.  Whether you are launching a new product, aligning philanthropic initiatives with corporate values or creating a reputation platform, McKeand Communications can bring the insights, expertise and enthusiasm you need in order to stand out from the crowd.

Communications Planning

Whether multi-market or a single country, we can manage the full scope of communications planning, from research, materiality assessments and employee insights, through ideation, to the development of the narrative, campaign lifecycle and customer journey.  We can also develop training modules and toolkits for implementing the campaign, and measurable targets to track success

Stakeholder Engagement

We have in-depth expertise in identifying relevant influencers for a company, campaign or brand engagement.  Whether they are policy-makers, NGO’s, consumers, specialists in a particular field, we understand what motivates them,  who their influencers are, how they receive their information and share it, and how best to engage with them in a meaningful way.

Media Relations

Media relations – the ‘bread and butter’ of public relations – has undergone seismic changes in recent years.  However, it remains a fundamental way to reach key audiences and is a crucial part of our service offering.  However, we now supplement that press release with great, shareable content that will effectively tell your story through whichever channels are relevant to your audiences.

Event Organisation

Sometimes the most effective way to communicate your story is for stakeholders to experience it rather than read about it.  Whether we are launching a sustainability campaign, or sharing a new initiative with employees, we can bring this to life with impactful events.  McKeand Communications can manage every part of the event organisation process from developing invitee lists and designing the event theme, to drafting speeches and organising room dressing, catering, gift bags and desk drops.

Who we are

McKeand Communications was started in 2017 by Becky Snazelle with the aim of providing strategic, tailored, evidence-based communications counsel and project management.  Becky has worked across multiple markets and various sectors, and she enjoys bringing this experience to bear in responding to the challenges faced by her clients.

While Becky manages the client engagement and runs the projects, for bigger briefs she can bring together some of the smartest minds to provide specialist services.  They are equally dedicated to the clients and are just as happy to roll up their sleeves and be one of the team.  This team never sees clients as ‘just another job on the to-do list’ – professionalism, enthusiasm and a commitment to going above and beyond expectations is what defines us.

Meet Becky

Becky started her career in communications as the assistant to a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels.  Having planned to visit the city for two weeks, she ended up staying for eight years, moving from the European Parliament, to a political lobbying firm before landing at the PR consultancy Edelman.

Becky quickly established herself as an expert in public relations consultancy that combines science & research with sustainability and social purpose, bringing these skill sets to clients such as Chiquita brands, Nike, Levi Strauss and BP. Seeking pastures new, Becky then relocated to New York where she worked with Pfizer, both on the development of a global platform focussing on healthy ageing, as well as medical education for their iconic brand Viagra. Following a brief return to Brussels, to run the European Commissions first ever consumer education campaign on Climate Change, Becky moved to London where she changed direction, running EMEA communications for Xbox, including the launch of the groundbreaking Kinect.  Returning to her core interest, she then took on various in-house roles establishing corporate narratives and social engagement platforms for global pharmaceutical companies, as well as undertaking European communications for a global consumer goods company, including their partnership with a well-known environmental organisation. Now settled (at least for the moment) in Hampshire, Becky remains constantly curious and relentlessly enthusiastic about her work and the relationships she maintains with clients – some of which lasted nearly a decade.  She enjoys delivering programmes that suprise, delight and motivate audiences, in partnership with the inspiring people she has the priviledge to work with.

Becky Snazelle


Latest News

It’s been one year since I left the safety net of a global agency and started McKeand Communications and what a year it’s been.  It started with bringing the Amazon to London’s Natural History museum (see picture below) and then on to Copenhagen, Brussels and Berlin.  I also spent three months with a biopharmaceutical company in Switzerland helping to drive communications around a new-to-market treatment for a rare disease by reframing their narrative around R&D investment, and then went on to work with another global company in the consumer health space to establish a reputation platform for a key therapeutic area.  Alongside this, I’ve driven leadership announcements at global trade events and advised on the strategy for sharing stories about how foreign aid is helping farmers in war-torn areas of the world.

One year on, I’m more excited than ever about what lies ahead.  As companies, organisations and governments are all under financial pressure, they want more for less.  Audiences are fragmented almost to the point of being individuals, and breaking through echo-chambers requires communicators to be smart, nimble and dedicated.  This is a world where smaller agencies thrive – with our hands-on approach, ability to draw maximum value for the budgets available, and flexibility in resourcing projects appropriately, we are true partners to our clients and are as invested in their success as they are.